How does it work?

CareGiving Technologies enables independence through the use of simple technology and support.   We maximize their impact and value through our proprietary solution.  Saving you money and protecting your future.

Why Choose CareGiving Technologies?

CareGiving Technologies was founded with the idea that smarter living now will allow better living later. Most people want to stay where they live, safely and with the greatest amount of independence.

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Questions You May Have

Are you concerned about your ability or that of a loved one to stay in their home?

Do you find technology options confusing?

Do you worry about getting support if you have a question?

Do you want to relax knowing that you are ready for the future?

Do you think that technology has to be complicated?

Do you want to be in control of your life and health?

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About CareGiving Technologies

CareGiving Technologies offers the ability to remain independent through the use of simple technology and support.  Solutions include Safety and Security, Health and Wellness and Assistive Technologies.   We provide practical steps to create a home that is safe from home accidents, connected to your loved ones, caregivers, and friends. It supports your desire to remain in your home through our aging in place design services.

There are many technology options to support caregiving.  The changing technology options can be confusing and frustrating.  We help you maximize the value of technology.  Our personalized caregiving coaching services are an integral part of all of our solutions.

Every family is unique. We will listen to your specific concerns in order to tailor each project to your individual needs. Let us help you find the solution that fits your changing needs through our state of the art assessment process.  We take your priorities, goals, environment, and health to select the best options based on your needs.  You decide what information is important to you and who you would like to share that information with. The result is promoting autonomy while providing peace of mind.

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Why Choose CareGiving Technologies?


Susan Adams is knowledgable in aging and technology. As an engineer with an advanced degree in gerontology, she has found that there are simple and effective solutions that can help  people feel connected and happy.

She has a certification in Universal Design and is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Ten years ago she moved her own parents to live near her. Even though she’s close, she can’t be there all the time. That is when her search for a solution to stay connected for her parents safely began,

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